Update 3.2.1

New Features and Improvements
  • Added lead management section
  • Ticket overview redesigned and improved
  • Overall design improvements
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA option added
  • Preview added for ticket image attachments
  • Ticket email raw data gets saved now
  • Improved layout for ticket view
  • New notification email templates
  • Password reset process optimized and security enhanced
  • Remember last page after logout/login
  • Added purchase order field to invoices
  • Added monthly tax calculation for Germany in reports (Ust., Netto)
  • Partially paid status was not displayed on invoices
  • Add ticket answer signature field for users
  • Added detailed net and gross table to reports page
  • Added video and image embedding support to activity area in projects
  • Calendar .ical link for calendar integration
  • Custom invoice terms for companies
  • Payment receipt template has no title fixed
  • Added option to export .xls in reports
  • Project list loading time improved for large tables
  • Settings page reorganized
  • Ticket email fetching improved
  • And many more minor fixes and improvements...

New Lead Management (Kanban style)

Redesigned Ticket Overview Page

New Email Templates

Update 3.1.2

  • Fixed reporting page error on some mysql versions
  • New retina ready icons
  • Invoice PDF generator issue on nginx fixed
  • Stripe library update
  • Many small bug fixes

Update 3.1.1

  • Profile bug fixed
  • Custom language file fixed

Update 3.1.0

  • Added Stripe iDeal support
  • Create invoice Items from tasks
  • Recurring Expenses feature added
  • Social accounts for clients like Skype, Twitter, LinkeIn, etc.
  • Value input on expenses is removing second decimal on large numbers
  • Calculate time on selected date and time from in task timesheet
  • Isolate cronjob instances and add more detailed log messages
  • Email host blacklist for tickets
  • Login sporadically not working fixed
  • Custom language file support

Update 3.0.5

  • Client contacts are not disabled when company gets deleted fixed
  • Some bugs fixed on php 7.0
  • Total payments on dashboard not correct
  • PHPmailer update to v.5.2.22
  • Theme color picker plugin updated
  • jQuery updated
  • Client not assigned messages fixed
  • Statistic not showing January income fixed
  • Invoice send button not showing on PHP 7.0+
  • Several small bugs fixed


  • Datepicker issue fixed on time sheets
  • Activity stream on dashboard is missing assigned projects
  • Total payments on dashboard not correct
  • Statistic for January fixed
  • Agent field added to expenses


  • Datepicker updated
  • Incorrect statistic calculations fixed
  • Reporting always showing all months issue fixed
  • PDO driver updated
  • Form validator issues fixed

Update 3.0.4

  • Comments for tasks feature added
  • Invoice status is now changeable in invoice list
  • Missing language lines added
  • Email Tickets are now fetched with html instead of plain text
  • Ticket fetcher stopped on some unicode special signs - fixed
  • Delete option for own activities added
  • New overdue filter for invoice list
  • PHP 7.0.x support
  • Statistic chart issues fixed
  • Css bugs fixed in message section
  • Performance improvements
  • Many other CSS and bug fixes

Update 3.0.0

Freelance Cockpit 3


  • New Dashboard
  • Task process indicator
  • Theme options added to customize the theme colors
  • New login screen with custom background option
  • Login style options and extra login logo field added
  • Multi file uploader and new media view for projects
  • 2Checkout payment gateway added
  • Tasks can now be created with a new quick add task field on top of the list
  • Task timers added
  • Task timesheets added
  • SMTP details can now be changed within the settings page
  • Live inline edit for task names
  • Agent and Milestone Gantt chart added to projects
  • Reports section added
  • New project details page with task graph
  • Assign task to client option added
  • Projects category field has now a list of existing categories.
  • Reply button added to client ticket view
  • Every task has now time tracking options
  • Task value field support for decimal numbers added
  • Dashboard now adapts perfectly to higher screen resolutions
  • Performance Improvements.
  • Task list details are now shown in separate section
  • New datepicker implemented with proper language based date and time format support
  • Milestones for projects added
  • Task list items can now be reordered by drag and drop
  • Clients can add tasks option added to projects
  • Project option added to show only own tasks for non super admins
  • Quick access submenu improved
  • Paypal Subscriptions unlimited option
  • Added button dropdown to download or preview PDFs
  • New and improved form field design
  • Message email notification missing attachment
  • Small calendar for dashboard
  • Expenses summary of current year on dashboard
  • Comparative between total income, expanses and profit on dashboard

Update 2.4.3

New notification template

Payment notification template is now available.

  • FC2-queue header recognition added to email tickets in order to preselect ticket queues by emails
  • Update notification on dashboard is now asynchrony to speed up page load
  • Dashboard calculations improved and up counter added
  • Invoice footer is now fixed to the bottom of the page and visible on every page of the PDF.
Bug Fixes
  • Canceled status color added to invoice templates
  • The {client_contact} shortcut didn't get replaced in notification mails
  • WYSIWYG editor losses format after saving

Update 2.4.2

Bug Fixes
  • Issue after login of non Admins fixed
  • Dashboard statistic now includes partial payments
  • Staff permission issues fixed


  • All language files have been updated with translation corrections
Bug Fixes
  • Quotation Formbuilder could not be saved
  • Quotation question 3 missing
  • Email template editor not saving
  • Ticket bulk close issue
  • Several other small bugs
  • Paypal IPN error 500 on payment request

Update 2.4.1

New Features
  • Calendar added with Google Calendar integration
  • Client admin option added
  • Estimate IDs are not connected to invoice IDs anymore
  • Automatic ticket assignment after client registration for existing tickets
Bug Fixes
  • Assigned agent in quotation was not shown on quotation details
  • Paypal IPN issue fixed
  • Some small reported bugs fixed

Update 2.4.0

New Features
  • Partial payments and payment tracking added
  • Clone project functionality added
  • Authorize.net payment gateway added
  • Prefix option for reference IDs added
  • Canceled option added to invoice status list
  • Norwegian language translation added
  • Line break support in item details
  • Notify client checkbox for new tickets added
  • Email tickets now uses reply to address if available
  • Closed projects are now hidden from projects list by default
  • Project procress indicator reploads when task gets checked/unchecked
  • Page numbers added for PDF invoices and estimates
Bug Fixes
  • The subject of the password reset mail did not use the subject given
  • Mobile number not showing on client overview
  • Message icon still visible after message module is disabled

Update 2.3.5

  • Design updated
  • Some common log messages filtered and warning levels prioritised
  • Task list style improved
Bug Fixes
  • Email tickets not getting fetched correctly fixed.
  • Subscription next payment date not showing on client side fixed
  • System stability improved
  • Staff percentage issue on project overview page fixed.

Update 2.3.4

  • Invoice reference numbers are now editable
  • Bootstrap framework updated to version 3.0
  • Animation engine changed to velocity.js to improve performance
  • Tasks list now reloads in background automatically when adding new tasks
  • Dashboard design updated
  • Project page splitted into several tabs to enhance overview
  • Project timer is now shown in realtime on project overview
  • New statistics added to project overview
  • Projects progress bar removed and animated circle added
  • Assigned agents are now shown on the projects table
  • MP3 audio playpack support added for media files preview
  • Admin now gets notification when client uploads media files
  • German translation corrections
Bug Fixes
  • The description did not appear when adding items to estimates
  • Responsiveness of user table in settings fixed
  • Register using an email that has previously been deleted did not work
  • Email tickets stopped on special caracters in email content
  • Items quantity comma to point replacement added
  • No tasks yet – on project page did not get translated
  • Message mark list always empty fixed
  • Client password generator issue with unallowed characters fixed
  • Declined estimates are showing up on events as overdue fixed
  • Default ticket type not working on new ticket form
  • Client company short code missing on credentials email

Update 2.3.0

New Features
  • Client registration page added
  • New PDF invoice templates added
  • Money format and currency position option in settings added
  • Item default description field added
  • Second tax option added
  • Company vat number field added
  • Client password will now be generated when sending credentials
  • PDF library updated to support custom .ttf fonts on invoice templates
Bug Fixes
  • Wrong name displayed on sent messages fixed
  • Dashboard calculation uses default tax even invoice has set tax to 0 fixed


New Features
  • Estimates feature added
  • Expenses Tracker feature added
  • Payment Date input field for invoices
  • Background of header logo removed for better support of large logos
Bug Fixes
  • Invoice – Project selection not filtered by selected client
  • Notification email not sent to clients on media upload in projects

Update 2.2.8

  • Blueline Theme update
Bug Fixes
  • Uploader bug fixed
  • Error on client messaging fixed

Update 2.2.6

  • Project timer can now be set by hand
  • Login fade in effect added
  • Client company variable for email templates
  • Stripe payment gateway integration (pay with credit card)
  • Bank transfer added to payment methods
  • Project progress bar gets green when 100%
  • Tasks List can now be sorted by status
  • Custom quotation spam protection added
Bug Fixes
  • Message viewport on 1024px width fixed
  • Menu issue on mobile client view fixed
  • Problem with comments on media files fixed
  • Message could not be double replied

Update 2.2.5

  • Design improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Mobile menu not closing fixed
  • Messages delete option is not available in blueline theme fixed
  • Table rows not clickable on mobile fixed
  • Some CSS bugs fixed
  • Old credentials template still used in blueline theme fixed
  • Email tickets not getting fetched correctly fixed
  • Paypal IPN callback issues fixed

Update 2.2.4

  • Active menu point has now an indicator
Bug Fixes
  • Blank page after sending message fixed
  • Client company delete function fixed
  • Profile image not changeable fixed
  • CSS bugs in Firefox fixed
  • Timer reset button does not appear fixed
  • Quick access dropdown not working fixed

Update 2.2.3

Bug Fixes
  • Task add issue using Firefox fixed
  • Delete function using Firefox fixed
  • Project create using Firefox fixed
  • CSS bugs fixed

Update 2.2.1

New Features
  • Activity feed for projects with comment functionality
  • Statistics for project, ticket and invoice overview page
  • Ticket status change button
  • Description field for tasks
  • Priority for tasks
  • Value field for tasks
  • Messaging section redesigned and access to sent messages
  • Dashboard statistic year selection
  • Link between invoices and projects
  • Datatables save table sorting order on page refresh
  • Client VAT number field added
  • State/province field for clients added
  • Note field on client details added
  • Dynamic tax for invoices
  • New flat design build on Bootstrap
  • Due date for tasks
  • Checkboxs for ticket list with batch functionality
  • Bulk actions for ticket list
  • Quotation form builder updated
  • Quotation form redesign
  • Email notification on new media files and comments
  • Reopen status for tickets added
Bug Fixes
  • CSS line break fixed in task list if name is too long
  • Reset password link for the email address still sends an email even after user is disabled.
  • User still online after logout
  • Ticket emails have no reply to address so ticket notifications cannot replied via email.
  • no notification when tickets are opened by email
  • Custom quotation form checkbox values only one selection is remembered
  • Custom quotation „section break“ issue
  • Login issue using PHP 5.5+

Update 2.1.7

Bug Fixes
  • Ticket notification email reply address empty
  • Custom quotation delete bug
  • Quotation checkbox not in line with label

Update 2.1.6

Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix for adding items to invoices

Update 2.1.5

New Features
  • Custom Quotation Feature
Bug Fixes
  • Calculating issue with discounts on dashboard stats fixed
  • Several small bugs fixed

Update 2.1.4

Bug Fixes
  • Error in ticket view fixed

Update 2.1.2

  • Notes added to Project view
  • Tasks list now has it’s own row
  • Status image on invoices are now multilingual
  • Project media preview supports now some video types
Bug Fixes
  • Ticket notification bug fixed
  • Invoice not found bug fixed
  • Email ticket content breaks on special characters fixed

Update 2.1.0

New Features
  • Support ticket feature added
  • Show only assigned projects if not admin
  • Country field added to company fields
  • PDF preview in media file view
Bug Fixes
  • Many small bug fixes and other improvements

Update 2.0.8

  • Short tags for email template subjects
  • Message text in notification email
  • Notification email on project assignment
  • Online widget shows online clients

Update 2.0.7

  • New PDF invoice layout
Bug Fixes
  • Error on missing module access
  • Several small bugs
  • Table sort by date issue

Update 2.0.4

  • Portuguese translation added
Bug Fixes
  • Mobile scroll issue on modal dialog (iPhone 4+5)
  • Language files improved
  • Some small bugs
  • Dashboard statistic calculation issue fixed

Update 2.0.3

Bug Fixes
  • Some text lines not translated
  • Mobile scroll issue on modal dialog (iPhone)
  • Language files improved

Update 2.0.2

Bug Fixes
  • Some text lines not translated
  • Language menu for mobile devices not working correctly
  • Modal scrolling issue on mobile devices
  • Default language is always english

Update 2.0.1

Bug Fixes
  • Some small bugs fixes
  • Language files updated