Update 2.2.5

  • Design improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Mobile menu not closing fixed
  • Messages delete option is not available in blueline theme fixed
  • Table rows not clickable on mobile fixed
  • Some CSS bugs fixed
  • Old credentials template still used in blueline theme fixed
  • Email tickets not getting fetched correctly fixed
  • Paypal IPN callback issues fixed

Update 2.2.4

  • Active menu point has now an indicator
Bug Fixes
  • Blank page after sending message fixed
  • Client company delete function fixed
  • Profile image not changeable fixed
  • CSS bugs in Firefox fixed
  • Timer reset button does not appear fixed
  • Quick access dropdown not working fixed

Update 2.2.3

Bug Fixes
  • Task add issue using Firefox fixed
  • Delete function using Firefox fixed
  • Project create using Firefox fixed
  • CSS bugs fixed

Update 2.2.1

New Features
  • Activity feed for projects with comment functionality
  • Statistics for project, ticket and invoice overview page
  • Ticket status change button
  • Description field for tasks
  • Priority for tasks
  • Value field for tasks
  • Messaging section redesigned and access to sent messages
  • Dashboard statistic year selection
  • Link between invoices and projects
  • Datatables save table sorting order on page refresh
  • Client VAT number field added
  • State/province field for clients added
  • Note field on client details added
  • Dynamic tax for invoices
  • New flat design build on Bootstrap
  • Due date for tasks
  • Checkboxs for ticket list with batch functionality
  • Bulk actions for ticket list
  • Quotation form builder updated
  • Quotation form redesign
  • Email notification on new media files and comments
  • Reopen status for tickets added
Bug Fixes
  • CSS line break fixed in task list if name is too long
  • Reset password link for the email address still sends an email even after user is disabled.
  • User still online after logout
  • Ticket emails have no reply to address so ticket notifications cannot replied via email.
  • no notification when tickets are opened by email
  • Custom quotation form checkbox values only one selection is remembered
  • Custom quotation „section break“ issue
  • Login issue using PHP 5.5+

Update 2.1.7

Bug Fixes
  • Ticket notification email reply address empty
  • Custom quotation delete bug
  • Quotation checkbox not in line with label

Update 2.1.6

Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix for adding items to invoices

Update 2.1.5

New Features
  • Custom Quotation Feature
Bug Fixes
  • Calculating issue with discounts on dashboard stats fixed
  • Several small bugs fixed

Update 2.1.4

Bug Fixes
  • Error in ticket view fixed

Update 2.1.2

  • Notes added to Project view
  • Tasks list now has it’s own row
  • Status image on invoices are now multilingual
  • Project media preview supports now some video types
Bug Fixes
  • Ticket notification bug fixed
  • Invoice not found bug fixed
  • Email ticket content breaks on special characters fixed

Update 2.1.0

New Features
  • Support ticket feature added
  • Show only assigned projects if not admin
  • Country field added to company fields
  • PDF preview in media file view
Bug Fixes
  • Many small bug fixes and other improvements