Update 2.3.4

  • Invoice reference numbers are now editable
  • Bootstrap framework updated to version 3.0
  • Animation engine changed to velocity.js to improve performance
  • Tasks list now reloads in background automatically when adding new tasks
  • Dashboard design updated
  • Project page splitted into several tabs to enhance overview
  • Project timer is now shown in realtime on project overview
  • New statistics added to project overview
  • Projects progress bar removed and animated circle added
  • Assigned agents are now shown on the projects table
  • MP3 audio playpack support added for media files preview
  • Admin now gets notification when client uploads media files
  • German translation corrections
Bug Fixes
  • The description did not appear when adding items to estimates
  • Responsiveness of user table in settings fixed
  • Register using an email that has previously been deleted did not work
  • Email tickets stopped on special caracters in email content
  • Items quantity comma to point replacement added
  • No tasks yet – on project page did not get translated
  • Message mark list always empty fixed
  • Client password generator issue with unallowed characters fixed
  • Declined estimates are showing up on events as overdue fixed
  • Default ticket type not working on new ticket form
  • Client company short code missing on credentials email